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Aug 9, 2013 6:00am EDT
this afternoon at the white house before leaving for vacation on martha's vineyard. andrew? >> we got a couple of corporate stories to talk about. big one, the jpmorgan now reportedly close to reaching a settlement with security regulators over the so-called london whale trading losses. bruno iksil, he was the whale in some ways, he's not expected to face charges related to the incident. apparently, by the way, he's talking and made some kind of deal or may be making a deal with the s.e.c. the other component of this is that as part of whatever settlement the s.e.c. reaches with jpmorgan, they might have to admit some form of wrongdoing or some form of admission -- >> why would the s.e.c. cut a deal with that guy when he was the rogue trader doing things that the management at the bank -- >> unclear he was the rogue trader. it seems like what has happened is as the story developed that his boss and his boss' boss may have been more rogue than he was. not iona drew. >> a few layers -- >> a couple of layers in london and that may be where the problem is. the issue ofe iing jpmorgan to admitting
Aug 1, 2013 6:00am EDT
certain martha stewart branded home goods despite macy's exclusive deal that they had with her. >>> and closing arguments, the judge could render his verdict from the bench today or issue a decision in the next couple of days. both of these are old dragging on cases. >> five years ago. >>> a survey is finding that u.s. natural gas prices are expected to creep higher for the remainder of the year. and again in 2014. the reuters poll of analysts says the demand will continue to improve after extremely low prices last year attracted more users. we'll be talking to the ceo of america's natural gas alliance in the next half hour. a different study out this week, we'll talk about this right now, a different study suggests drillers in north dakota's shale are burning off over $100 million or a third of the gas they produce. joining us right now to talk more about it is marty durbin, the president and ceo of america's natural gas alliance. we talked about the report of the flare, a billion dollars in natural gas in 2012 and something like $3.5 million every day that gets burned off in
Aug 19, 2013 6:00am EDT
to martha's vineyard because all of that is up in the air and very tough. my view is they'll resolve that and we can talk about how but it's probably going to be very short term resolutions. >> tell us how and more importantly when perhaps. >> well, i think the way that the government shut down at the end of september gets avoided is through a short-term continuing resolution. that's another -- grand more mini bargains. the debt ceiling is a tougher one. >> i don't think we'll ever have -- we should just take the words grand bargain off the table. there are no ingredients for a grabd grand bargain. no one wants it. in fact, even the pieces of it that you and i want which are really need to include tax policy aren't going to be there. >> and nobody tries to hijack the process this time? >> lots of attempts to hijack. there's going to be hijacking left and right on this, on the debt ceiling and some effort on sequestration. i don't think there's going to be really successful if they continue with this ad hoc budgeting. >> will you at least acknowledge that the democrats now are taking
Aug 5, 2013 6:00am EDT
pretty well, says he'll take time over his vacation. going to martha's vineyard later this month. mull it over. >> as he should. >> maybe make a final call at that point. don't expect an announcement before september. renominated bernanke in august. that's not going to happen this time around. it'll come in september. i think unless something changes in his mind between now and then, it's going to be larry summers. i don't think he's been moved much by the criticism out there in the marketplace. particularly among liberals that larry summers is is too centrist, too in line with wall street, all that kind of stuff. he likes him, trusts him, trusts him on the financial collapse. >> the president must perceive summers to be so good he's willing to go through albeit some difficult criticism over the selection. >> he's willing to take the heat. he thinks a lot of the heat is unwarranted and unfair. he believes senate democrats will eventually come around and be uniformly supportive of larry summe summers. that some of the noise between now and then is just that. some would rather see janet
Aug 14, 2013 6:00am EDT
to advance his priorities. he sketched this out before he went to martha's vineyard, long before, really, and said essentially that at a time when congress is not cooperating with his priorities, he is going to go to the american people, sketch out what they are, try to win arguments, maybe you get a little headway with republicans in advance of the fall battles we have got over the continuing resolution, keeping government open over the sequester, over the debt limit, but he's really, even looking to the longer term and hoping to shape the priorities of the american people and politicians down the road for more spending on his priorities, infrastructure, job training, education, all the things that he makes the argument are necessary to build a prosperity from the middle class out. >> what do you know about this? the wall street journal story, now into the yellen/summers debate, that says the following. surprised and irritated to see senate democrats touting a preferred candidate for federal reserve chairman. white house officials have moved behind the scenes to quash the campaign and a
Aug 21, 2013 6:00am EDT
that washington needs to be more vocal on it, more than the president calling in from marriage wmarth martha's vineyard saying, i'm aware of the situation in egypt. >> guys yelling at him, we're on the tee, let's go. hurry up. what are you doing over there, barack? you're on the phone again? you're up! sorry. let's go to -- >> we could go across the pond for a moment, time for the global market report. carolin roth is standing by in london. carolin? >> good morning to you, guys. we are in a bit of a holding pattern ahead of the fomc minutes and seeing european markets pulling back just a little bit. we're off by around .3% off the session lows. we did have a couple of earnings reports which will come to just a little bit. let me show you the markets one by one. the ftse definitely an underperformer, off by .75%. keep in mind about the stocks, hsbc trading today, the xetra dax is up by .25%. back to the earnings. we had two beermakers in europe report numbers and both were a little bit below expectations. but the share price performance is divergent. carlsberg in denmark up by almost .9%. aga
Aug 27, 2013 6:00am EDT
. >> when will you hearn the chops to go to martha's vineyard? >> i'm a moderate democrat. >> i can attest to that. all right. john, good, thanks. it's like having the treasury secretary on "squawk box" as well as joe and jimmy. we will sy see you later. >> you like having the treasury secretary on. still positive? >> yes. >> we'll seal be talking about that in the next hour. >> i think i said that off camera. he didn't say. i think you opened up the discussion. >> i think you are right. >> do you think he said anything? >> i think the market will be relieved. >> i didn't 93 he was going to say na. >> wow. i'll let you go off cam and collect your thoughts. meanwhile, coming up, corn prices in focus at the farm progress show in decay tur, illinois? i forget which is which. but that's >> decay tur. >> lie ma, ohio. it's for sale. >> whole get jane to pronounce that for us. hey, jane. >> hey, kayla. lima, ohio. this is the real american people. 125,000 farmers and others will be out here kicking things like the statement of the art tractor. we will plow one into the outlook right after the br
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7